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  • The body is the temple of the soul. Allow me to be your guide.


    Hi, I'm Melanie. I’m committed to helping people live authentic & vibrant lives, return to the pleasure of this embodied experience & enjoy presence on all levels: body, mind & spirit. As an artist and healer, I encourage diving deep into this curious adventure called life. It is my experience that the body is a repository of wisdom far beyond our imagining.


    Free your body

    Clear your mind

    Open your heart


  • About Me

    For more than two decades, I have been on the path of spiritual, emotional and physical transformation.


    I graduated from the University of North Carolina, with a degree in International Studies where I studied ancient healing systems and how different cultures cared for their bodies and souls. I infused my education with direct experiences traveling and living abroad, fascinated by the worlds' shamanic traditions for transforming and elevating consciousness and health.


    My deep interest in somatics, dance and the body/mind/spirit connection led me into the healing arts of massage, yoga, breath and sound. I am honored to be offering these profound systems of healing. I’m continually exploring, learning, refining, and sharing.


    My passion lies in helping others find balance in their bodies through natural methods, and co-discovering the skills which will assist each person in becoming their own healer. Through my own healing journey with breast cancer, experience has taught me that healing is a multidimensional process which requires self exploration into one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental territories, and that these facets are interconnected and inseparable. I know that the body is designed to heal itself if given the proper attention and environment. Radiant wellness is the result of living a lifestyle in harmony and balance; allowing our natural beauty and well being to shine from the inside out.

  • Ways to Work With Me

    Transformational Bodywork

    Careful listening with head, heart and hands is the essential guide to the art of my work.

    Sessions can be a synergy of Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Breath Awareness, Chi Nei Tsang, Energy work, sound healing and somatic counseling. All of these techniques are rendered virtually ineffective if done without presence. Loving presence allows for the mystery of each particular session to unfold.

    Breathwave Breathwork



    Breath is the link between Spirit and Body. It connects us to this human experience. The way we breath can reveal unconsciously held belief patterns. This session will bring life force energy to stagnant areas. It is a physical, emotional, and spiritual detox.


    I offer private and group classes in yoga acro-yoga, continuum movement, contact improvisation and meditation.

    I see yoga as a moving meditation being internally guided by breath and presence; a fluid, continuous awareness of experience. My approach to yoga moves beyond poses and into our own intuitive sense of our body wisdom.



    Skin Care


    The bodies' largest organ, our protection from the elements and the organ that detoxifies our system. ~ Performing daily rituals and taking time out to care for your skin could transform your health, appearance and happiness. The skin's condition reflects our current state of health and overall life balance. My approach to skincare is from the inside out. Food is medicine.




    Breath and Bodywork Sessions

    60 Minute $100

    Good for addressing specific ailments–tight neck, sore low back, and/or injuries


    90 Minute $140

    A complete experience. Focused work in several areas of the body, while allowing time for the remainder of the body to be addressed more thoroughly than an hour session.


    2/3 Hour $185/$285

    Treat your mind, body and spirit.

    A full body massage along with body awareness & relaxation coaching which offers an opportunity to deeply relax and revitalize. Combinations available of massage, energy work, yoga, meditation, breathwork, somatic counseling. This unique session is tailored to your individual needs and interests.





    Add on 30 Minutes of Yoga $35

    add a personalized yoga session to any of my massages


    private yoga/ movement class $70 hour

    yoga, acro-yoga, meditation


    AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamics of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of Thai Massage.



    Relax in the comfort of your own home.


    I am mobile. Minimum 1.5 hour required for in-home sessions. with additional fee (varies by location)







  • Work With Me

    I'd love to hear from you. Simply call, text or email. I look forward to meeting you.


    Phone: 808-264-6276

    Email: melaniekay11@gmail.com

    Address: Home Office Santa Cruz, CA


    "I am a long-time regular client of Melanie. Simply put, a bodywork session with her is sublime! I especially appreciate the combination of deep tissue and Thai massage techniques, as well as Melanie's supremely skillful hands. Melanie possesses wisdom, intuition, compassion, and integrity. Her presence is amazing, as is her heart. Melanie is a very special person, and a bodywork session with her is a healing and transformational experience."

    Michael P.

  • "Ive been seeing Melanie Kay for at least 2 years, mostly the 90 minute or longer. She brings wisdom and sensitivity to the sessions. Her ability to meet me at my most vulnerable place is incredibly healing, not only physically, but psychologically and spiritually as well. I have deep respect and gratitude.

    David M.


    "There are few times in your life where you get what you ask for, that's what happened when I visited Melanie. I have been having trouble relaxing enough to sleep...struggling with apprehensiveness etc.


    I mentioned these things to her and and spoke of stress points in the body...her techniques were very skilled and she put work in places where I didn't even think I had issues.


    I'm blissed out"

    Ken S.

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